About us

SORPAC is a Polish company which produces machines for weighing and packing vegetables. We provide our service to a wide range of clients throughout Poland. 
As owners, we have a wide experience in designing and selling the machines. We personally design, produce and constantly upgrade our machines in order to minimize both cost and time spent on packing and weighing vegetables. 
This is the way we optimise and develop our product range.
The cutting-edge machines we create are innovative, reliable, safe and competitively priced.
We offer our clients professional customer service, free training for the first start-up, warranty and post-warranty as well as after-sales consulting. What distinguishes us from others is an individual approach to each client and the ability to build longlasting relations based on mutual trust. This ensures  loyalty and satisfaction, which leads to a stable growth and development both in Poland and in Europe.   
We also respond to individual and non-standard needs of particular customers.
Our sales, design and service departments contribute greatly to the outstanding efficiency and quality of our service.



We would like to invite you to get familiar with the SORPACT product assortment. You can find information on the wide range of machines we provide as well as many other interesting news.
We are looking for dealers on Polish and European markets. If you are interested in becoming our partner, please contact us.

ul. Golska 56,
63-233 Jaraczewo

+48 62 307 09 50

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