Multi-head weighing machine MW1013 is a combination scales. It is used for weighing and portioning vegetables. Its function is based on assembling a given portion of a product from several smaller portions.This method is very precise, which is crucial for weighing small portions. There are 10 channels used in this type of machine, which gives it high efficiency. The use of the machine is very easy and intuitive thanks to the touchpad and the software created by SORPAC.


Use: potatoe, onion, beetroot, carrot, cucumber, etc.
Number of channels: 10
Weighing range: from 0,5 up to 25 kilos
Capacity: 30 portions per one minute, 12 tons/h
Stearing: touchpad
Power: 400V 50Hz
Power supply: 2kW
Air demand: 900l/h
Additional options:
– collaboration with 3 receivers
– mobile partitions (carrots or parsley weighing)
– buffer tank


Automatic scales AW312
Automatic weighing machine is used for portioning and bagging vegetables. It weighs a given quantity of a product and puts into a bag. It is possible to combine the scales with other automatic packaging machines. The lines applied have been officially approved for food production purposes. The application of steering touchpad is a novelty. The machine is highly efficient and precise during weighing process.

Use: potatoe, onion, cucumber, beetroot, etc.
Capacity: up to 5200kg per hour
– Weighing range: from 1 up to 30kg
– Pneumatic tank closing
– Control: Touchpad
– Power supply: 230V , 50Hz
– Size : L2300mm , W1100mm , H2200mm
– Weight : 260kg

Rashel Bagging Machine is used to pack vegetables into rashel bags. A single packaging is made of a single roll of pre-sealed bags. The machine divides them and then sews the fully packed bags. It is possible to apply typical packaging sizes from 2.5 to 25 kg.
Rashel Bagging Machine can be equipped wih single or double-thread  head which sews according to he desired capacity.

Technical details:
Use: potatoe, onion, carrot, beetroot
Capacity: Single-thread sewing head: 10t/h
Capacity: Double-thread sewing head: 6t/h
Size of packaging: 2.5kg – 25 kg
Power supply: 400V/2kW


Multi-machine AWRM02 is a combination of two
machines – automatic wieighing machine and
packaging machine.
Used to pack vegetables in raschel bags.
Single pack is made from a roll pre-welded bags.
The machine portioned the goods and the weighed
portion is packed intothe bag. Then sacks sews filled
the product.
It is possible to use standard available sizes
bags for the balance 2.5 to 25kg
The machine can be equipped with a single or
two thread sewing head.
It is possible to work in manual mode and pack
bags bound.


Technical data:
Use: potatoes, onions, carrots, beets
Capacity: 6t / h
Package raschel size: 2.5 kg to 25kg
Weighing range: 1-50kg
Power supply: 400V / 3kW

Vegetable brushing machine
Use: Dry cleaning vegetables, potatoes, onions, root vegetables
Equipped with corrugated nylon brushes which do not cause any damage.

Produced in differerent versions:
width 55 cm
– B1055 – 10 brushes
– B1255 – 12 brushes
– B1455 – 14 brushes
width 80 cm
– B1080 – 10 brushes
– B1280 – 12 brushes
– B1480 – 14 brushes
width 110cm
– B1010 – 10 brushes
– B1012 – 12brushes

Optional equipment:
– Inverter for speed control
– Brush pressure parts or rubber
Power supply: 400V 50Hz
Rotational speed: 180 rpm


Selection tables for manual selection of potatoes and onions. Produced in several sizes. Equipped with PVC pipe, aluminum or stainless steel. Equipped with inverter to control speed.
Available sizes:
ST2008 – L200cm x W80cm
ST2508 – L250cm x W80cm
ST2010 – L200cm x W100cm
ST2510 – L250cm x W100cm
ST3010 – L300cm x W100cm
ST2012 – L200cm x W120cm
ST2512 – L250cm x W120cm
ST3012 – L300cm x W120cm
Power supply: 400V 50Hz
Linear velocity: 0-0,3 m/s


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